Beat the Heat Fashion

Beat the Heat Fashion

Crazy 100 degree weather has us escaping to the inside air conditioning.  But we need to enjoy the warmth while we have it because soon enough we will be bundled up and longing to be outside again.  Here are a few summer fashion tips that will help you enjoy the rest of summer!

Wear light colors when you’re out in the sun.  I know I know – met too, I wear black ALL THE TIME.  But consider this, lighter colors absorb less heat than darker colors.  So, swap that black t-shirt for a white one!  White is super trendy during the summer and it’s really going to show off that tan you’ve been working on anyway – win-win!

Stylist Tip: Try mixing patterns with a similar color palette for a style that screams summer fun.

Don’t wear shorts?  Well, I’d challenge you to try a pair of Bermuda shorts gives you coverage you want but the coolness of shorts you NEED.  Bermuda shorts will cover the upper leg while showing off the lower, most slender part of your leg and still giving you that coolness you won’t get from a longer pant.

Ditch the big bag – that’s right, I said it.  Trade that huge backpack or oversized purse for a much smaller cross-body purse that keeps all your essentials close.  That larger bag is probably sticking to you in the heat, there’s a ton of stuff in there you don’t really need anyway, and have you seen what that heavy thing is doing to your neck and shoulders??!!  FREE YOURSELF!  Find a cute one that gives you a pop of color and strut your stuff in style and confidence!

Here’s our favorite tip!  Wear a maxi dress!  Maxi dresses are the spice of life in summer.  You can wear them all over the place!  Choose one that’s loose & flowy, light colors and a bright pattern.  No buttons, no zippers and ditch the heavy materials!

Stylist Tip: Try finding a maxi dress with lace.  Lace has built-in ventilation!

Finally, summer pants!  That’s right PANTS!  Listen, we KNOW some of you just DON’T wear shorts, and it’s just too danged hot for jeans!  Try an easy breezy summer flowy pant!  Not only are they SUPER stylish, but they give you a lighter weight option for crazy hot temperatures.  A wide leg pant allow for flowy ventilation and a creates the appearance of a smaller waist.

No matter your style or fit, always remember that you can rock anything you want. The key to pulling off any look is your attitude, so if you like it? Wear it! Don’t sell yourself short.

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