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Christian.  Wife. Mother. Sister. Daughter. Friend. Entrepreneur.

There. Done.

OK Just kidding.  Maybe you have questions about what makes me tick, or maybe Im way out of my lane with that thinking – feel free to skip this blog!  But, with our Grand re-brand celebration coming around this week I thought I would take a sec to tell you about “me”

Many people ask if I’m from Wichita and that starts a whole conversation in itself.  My parents met in Wichita, my mom is from Derby and my dad’s first assignment out of basic was McConnell Air Force Base.  They actually met at skate south through a mutual friend.  The story has something about dad trying to skate backwards and impress my mom and then he fell on his butt.  Silly GI.  BUTT something worked and they have been married for over 40 years.  We moved around a bit, back and forth from California and Texas a couple of times and then moved to Hawaii for 6 years.  Yes, it was beautiful and I actually miss it very much now, but I didn’t appreciate it as much as a kid as I would now. Dad could have extended for another 4 years but mom put her foot down and told him it was time to move back to the mainland to be around family.  After all, we had lived on a rock in the middle of the ocean on a different time zone for a long time.  We didn’t see much family while we were there; it was just too expensive to visit.

So, we moved back to Wichita and dad got stationed at McConnell again, seemed it all came full circle for our family.  We settled in Derby where all of mom’s family was.  I ended up having the same senior English teacher my mom did!  Seems weird after as much traveling as we did.


My story continues to WSU where I got a Bachelor’s degree and completed one year of Master’s work in Criminal Justice.  I never actually worked in the field; apparently I didn’t want to work with criminals.  Actually, I didn’t want to be a cop, sheriff or a probation officer, I wanted to work in the FBI.  There weren’t many opportunities to do that and still live in Wichita and for some reason I just assumed Wichita was my home.  I thought said I was going to move, but that never actually happened.

Through college I worked at the Department of Defense as an intern.  OK, don’t be so impressed.  It sounds really interesting and sensational, but folks, it was just paperwork.  I worked for the contracting division that oversaw the maintenance on the Air Force one.  Again, don’t be so impressed.  I didn’t have the clearance to take a tour of it or even step foot on it.  I did, however, get to meet the crew chiefs that took care of it.  I actually went with them to have a few drinks one night and somehow I got stuck with the tab!!!!  WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!  ….and intern!!!!!!!!!  I’m still a little pissed about that one.

Even more “Adulting

During that time I married and had a child.  Well, that whole marriage thing didn’t work out very well.  I soon after spent 8 years being a single mama.  It was the hardest time of my life.  In terms of dating, I was very picky.  VERY FEW men ever knew where I lived. I was the one dating, not her.

After my internship I worked at Koch Industries for a total of about 9 years.  I worked in IT and it was very challenging and a great experience, but I felt trapped at a computer all day long.  It just wasn’t my ‘thing’ and I was very unhappy.  Have you ever seen the movie Joe vs. the volcano with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan?  Tom Hanks’ character is exactly how I felt. 

I remarried to the most wonderful man and the husband I had always wanted.  He is the one I had been praying for.  Now, a perfect marriage is NOT perfect.  Men and women are different AF, girl.  But we are two people who love each other very much in spite of our imperfections, not because we are perfect…. And we just don’t give up.


For as long as I’ve been an adult I can always remember having great business ideas.  In my 20’s I had ideas about themed liquor stores.  In my 30’s I had concepted-out a mobile esthetics and massage truck that serviced busy moms.  I’ve always had great ideas, but I never had the risk-taking mentality, or really the ability or resources to start a business. 

We opened our business 2 years ago as a franchise woman’s clothing store.  I can’t say much about that other than it’s impossible to do business with unethical people.  So, this year (2017) we severed that relationship knowing the risk of staying was greater than the risk of leaving.  Once that relationship was broken, we opened up to the growth we had been hoping for.  Not just financially, but also professionally and personally.  The chains were broken.  Sink or swim, we are now making the decisions that create our own brand and guide our future.

The Making of MOXIE

The store is named after my dog, MOXIE.  The colors are soft and pleasing to women, the concept is built by me and the buying decisions are formed by the women that frequent our store and spend time in our dressing rooms.  MOXIE is more than a place to shop.  It’s a place where we care.  We care about every woman that walks through our door.  We want to help.  We believe in women.  Women are strong and beautiful and caring and silly and women are the care takers on so many levels.  At MOXIE we believe in lifting up and empowering, not squashing.  We believe in compliments not competition.  We believe in doing what is right for your soul.


  • I, too, was impressed and inspired about your journey as a woman! I want you to know how much I love your store and the helpfulness of your employees. I love to shop there and the new infusion of inventory since the change! Keep it up!

    Terri Rawlings
  • Thanks for your story. You are an achiever and an overcomer. I am estimating that I am about your mother’s age and that you are near my oldest son’s age (42). He is starting an organic wheat and flour business on Facebook in MN after grad school and working many years in the corporate publishing business. My husband farms wheat in KS and I am a professor at Tabor College in Hillsboro. Your story of reinvention sounds a little like his story. Blessings on your re-branding event. Wish I was able to attend but we have a daughter and her hubby coming home from NYC for the eclipse.

    Deborah Penner

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