Seasons of Change

My color chart

We are finally in fall which happens to be my favorite fashion season.  There’s a lot of talk about transitional wardrobe pieces lately.  I read something the other day that said in fashion there are actually SIXTEEN seasons!!!!  I’m pretty sure that’s driven by the fashion icons and wholesalers trying to keep us on our toes and make us feel like we are never actually on trend, always striving for the next new style. 

At MOXIE we are smart + savvy dressers.  We like to help you build your wardrobe, not just give you random pieces to throw in a closet that, if it’s anything like mine, is less cohesive than oil + water. (I’m workin’ on it!)  When you walk in to MOXIE, you probably see that as a brand we have a color palette; and so should your wardrobe.  YOUR color palette should be based on what color season you fit in to according to your skin tone, and hair + eye colors.  So for instance, a summer would probably have lots of muted pastels, an autumn you would see a lot of warm tones in shades of browns. Although it's super fun to get your color chart done, we all tend to figure out what looks good on us as we go through our own seasons of life. :)

At MOXIE, we are really good at fall staple pieces.  Whether it’s a black cardigan, a nude cami or a new favorite pair of jeans, we want to work with each woman that walks in the store to see how we can help.  But, if you are looking for something that is date night worthy, we’re going to dress you from head to toe and all the accessories in between… and you will LOVE what you walk out with.

As the season changes, so will your wardrobe.  Pull out the cozy sweater, your favorite sweatshirt and your most comfy jeans.  And dont forget my most prized fall fashion tip.... boots go with everything.

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