Humble = having or showing modesty 
Hustle = having a strong work ethic

Wow.  In four words this is a clear visualization for how I want to run my life. 

I have to be honest; both elements here are really hard for me.  As of late I have been getting a lot of media attention in the Wichita area.  But, the truth is it’s because I work hard at it.  I have been referred to as a “Networking Queen.”  I am registered in at least 4 different social networking and professional business organizations.  I attend openings, ribbon cuttings, luncheons, community tours, meetings and mingles every month.  It’s nearly a full-time job!  I’ve been asked to serve on committees, boards and various positions with non-profits.  Well, when you put yourself out there that much you pray that when it’s your turn to receive, Queen Karma is doing her job and it all comes back around.

Another truth: I intentionally draw attention to me to benefit my business.  NO REALLY!  It’s NOT about me.  My business is still in infancy and we play heavily for the pole position in our market.  The more attention I draw to me the more it benefits my business.  However, when you are emceeing luncheons and seeing your face in the paper, humility is hard.  Occasionally my head expands and with full intention I pull myself back to earth and back to reality.  I’m not at the top of my game, my business has a long way to go and if I slow down everything can be pulled out from underneath me in an instant.  This is where the ‘hustle’ comes in to play. 

Work ethic is something that is dying in our society.  OR maybe I think that because I’m now an adult who is at least semi-aware of the politics of a sedentary youth and a growing recipient class, I use those personas as an example of who I DON’T want to be.  I often tell my teen daughter to not just model your behavior to become who you want to be, but also to avoid who you DON’T want to be.  Don’t want to be a strung-out drug user, don’t do drugs; don’t want to be a single teenage mom, don’t have sex.

Now, when I want something, I go after it – I go hard.  I’ve been in a dead sprint for my business for about 2 years now to get it where I want it to be.  I have a specific goal in mind but every time I close-in on that goal the marker moves.  I can tell you that since I have re-branded (February 2017) I genuinely feel like I am headed in the right direction – with honesty and integrity.  Yes, this moves the marker again but at least that marker is in my line of sight.

I would love to hear how the statement “Stay Humble / Hustle Hard” resonates with you!!!!

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