FRIDAY in FIVE-ish: the REAL DEAL 1920's Flapper

Bootleggers?  Flappers? 

The roaring 20’s is BACK!!!

The real bootleggers, the REAL moonshine mamas often wore argyle and golf nickers – one well known female bootlegger, known as The “Henhouse Bootlegger” Esther Clark, was known to store moonshine in her Kansas chicken coop!    ------but for the purposes of the Bootlegger’s Ball, we will be talking about the elegance and flamboyance of the roaring 20’s.

Remember - the era of the 20’s was a time when Prohibition was fully legislated reducing some social  liberties, all the while celebrating a NEWLY found freedom in 1920 when women won the battle for the right to vote.  Along with the birth of what was called “Mass culture” which introduced chain stores, nationwide advertising and ready to wear clothing, our economies were changing.  We got radios, hundreds of radio stations AND automobiles.  The WORLD was changing and women were becoming more independent! 

As for fashion – well, let’s just get to it.

Those misbehavin flappers were known to be youthful and carefree – and we all know that YOUTH is what drives fashion trends.  Most women with any amount of money often had more wardrobe changes during the day than Beyonce during a Superbowl Halftime performance. It all depended on what time of day it was, who they were with, where they were going and what they were doing.  But let’s focus on evening wear.

Evening wear was pretty formal.  Evening dresses fell below the knee, were a loose-straight-almost boxy fit and were often sleeveless – but more importantly and most ICONICLY was the drop waist.  This was very important – the drop waist really embodies this entire decade.

Evening dresses were often made of silk, chiffon, taffeta or lightweight velvet.  Fringey accents were added to embellish the hemline of skirts and dresses with a purpose of exaggerating movement during an age where music and thus dancing was the main focus of social gatherings and entertainment.

During this time lace was thought to be OLD and detailing on the iconic flapper dress was inspired by Grecian fabric draping.  Metallic threads and metal sequins were an extravagance saved for more affluent women, but heavy beading was very popular and seen more often than not. Again – heavily beaded dresses were very iconic of the 20’s fashion era.

PS – did you know that panties were actually not invented yet?  Undergarments were known as knee length bloomers or a step-in slip.

No matter what you wear, make sure you are attending the Bootleggers Ball – this event supports the Wichita Family Crisis Center – This organization’s mission is to eliminate domestic violence and support  and advocate for survivors..

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