Domani Floral Hi Low Maxi Dress

Domani Floral Hi Low Maxi Dress

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"Domani" Floral Hi Low Maxi Dress

A complete and utterly UNEXPECTED FAAAAVORITE!  I honestly didn't even expect to like this one myself.  honest.  THEN.  I put it on!  It's now GOT TO go in MY closet!

The color gives this a classy feel while the floral print makes it all about happiness.  Elastic ties at the waist make this come in at the smallest part of your waist, and at the wrist it creates a puffed sleeve.  A beautiful hi-low hem with ruffle puts this in the FRONT of your closet, not the back.  Super flattering doleman sleeve style fits more body types and you're going to LOVE this just like I do.

Sizing note:  This dress runs a tad roomy, but the cut allows anyone from a small  to XL (maybe 2XL!) to wear this dress easily!



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